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German woman shows how to be a dedicated mother in the 21st century.

Published on 11 Apr 2021 / In Wholesome / Feel Good

⁣European white families are the system number 1 enemy. The Jews want our ⁣children to grow up in front of the TV and going to public school as soon as ⁣possible for indoctrination (⁣cultural ⁣marxism) . I ⁣am not saying that if a mother works when their children are young she's a bad parent. Its just that the ⁣traditional household had very strong roots and were best for the children at a young age. ⁣Some countries give economic aid to Mother's staying at home but its not a lot for the average person in the 21st century.

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Blewis1488 27 days ago

She's a good mother!

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milhouse 27 days ago

Harvard Prof Claims Immigrants "Rarely Contribute" To "Public Goods" Of Western Nations — 8

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Freedom 27 days ago

Standing applause!!! When this woman is older, she should be teaching other women. She is reflecting bible standards. Her husband is very luck.

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GotenKind14 27 days ago

Beautiful strong mother, i applaud her !!

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