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Genital Mutilation the American Way-Shove a sugar ring pop in his mouth-shut him up

Published on 09 Jan 2021 / In Slavery

Genital Terrorist at work. 3000 baby boys cut a day in American hospitals. The churches are even too cowardly to speak out on this abuse.

Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story by Eric Clopper
See American Circumcision on Amazon prime.

People have been lied to for generations over this, & many other topics. I’m trying to help share educational material with people, & help break the cycle.

The Penis - Sex Education 101

Anatomy of the Penis: Penile and Foreskin Neurology

Howard Stern interviews TLC Tugger founder Ron Low

Neonatal Circumcision [A video for heathcare professionals]

Things to Know

George Denniston, M.D., M.P.H. on Circumcision

Dr. Christopher Fletcher Denounces Circumcision of Children

Ronald Goldman testifies on circumcision trauma

Gerald Wald - Circumcision
The case against circumcision
~ George Hill Vice-President for
Bioethics and Medical Science
for Doctors Opposing Circumcision…..../The_Case_Against_Ci

The foreskin: Why is it such a secret in North America?

Unspoken Aspects of having a Foreskin

A short history of circumcision in the United States: Part 1

The masturbation taboo and the rise of routine male circumcision

50 Reasons to Leave It Alone


Circ info - Quranic Path

Judaism Circ Resources

Beyond the Bris

Those who are having their foreskins forcibly removed are having their human rights to bodily integrity & equal protections under the law violated, & therefore are prohibited from being able to exercise their right to auto-determination - due only to their gender.

Boys and girls alike: The ethics of male and female “circumcision”

NOCIRC Amicus Curiae Brief


Doctors Opposing Circumcision Genital Integrity
Policy Statement Ch10

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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LaurieSees 5 months ago

Punish the child mutilating rapist! Pedophiles in plain sight.

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