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Garden Of Eden, Mount Meru, PROOF in Old World Maps

Published on 19 Feb 2021 / In Flat Earth

Garden Of Eden, Mount Meru, PROOF in Old World Maps

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cedler 5 months ago

Have you heard of The Polar Configuration? The Thunderbolts Project has some very convincing answers.

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Brancocoelho 5 months ago

The Garden of Eden IS in Jackson County, Missouri, but NOT on the surface. It is located 800 miles down -- on the inner surface of the earth on the highest mountain plateau of the Inner Continent. The openings to the hollow earth are at the south and North Pole

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foffwankers 5 months ago

If the earth was still standing straight the north pole would be in Finland. Exactly 3km from Helsinki. There are a group of islands there with one in particular that has a hill with a hole in it. The hole forms into a screw like shaft and legend states that it was formed as the earth cooled while spinning. There's a story/myth that talks about it called "The Bock Saga". Told by a man that claims it was passed on in his family for many generations. It's a good story , to say the least.

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