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Full Grown Black Man Shows Baby Who's Boss

General J.D. Ripper
Published on 10 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized


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NewWorldEbola 2 days ago

dear White brothers, if you don't have at least AR15's or better and shit tons of ammo stockpiled... you're in bad shape for the inevitable world war against Whitey.

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AppalachianAmerican 3 days ago

@ 00:18 he licks the baby's head. -ew.

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NewWorldEbola 3 days ago (edited)

lol that's a violent inbred homosexual paedophile nigger right there. no doubt prison time and drugs have contributed wonderfully to the 65 IQ.

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The0ldBr33d 5 days ago

does anyone have any material for the argument of ethnic genetics being the cause of african-american violence and crime? I need to show my friend the way. he insists it is entirely the product of their environment, just because there are some african-american kids raised in suburban white neighborhoods that do not act ghetto. This would be much appreciated.

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SAPEREAUDE 5 days ago

Understand this. African kings and chiefs didn't build any prisons or mental hospitals for their criminals and undesirable Africans. Instead these people were sacrifice in ceremonies. Until )3vvs approached the African kings and chiefs and offered trade for these African criminals, and those Africans that weren't traded into the trans Atlantic slave trade were sacrificed by the African kings. Heard of the Maya sacrificed over 10,000 Mayans in one day. If the )3vvs knew there would be 10,000 Mayan slaves for them to sell. Oh the criminal gene is passed down again, and again in America.

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Raymo1 5 days ago

Should've spiked the nigglet like bowling ball. Thuddd

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