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Frontline Worker They’re not even testing for COVID but labeling it on the death certificate

Published on 01 Mar 2021 / In Uncategorized

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apekillerX 2 months ago

The poison in our water - food and atmosphere will kill us sure enough , but the cell pbone towers :( that are exclusive to White Nations and are in the millions ): are what activate and catalyze the aluminum oxides - mercury - arsenic - formaldehyde GMOs and thousands of other toxins that are in our bodies. When those microwaves interact with the tissue - blood and O2 - they cause allergic reactions and sicknesses that trigger an immune response . The immune response leads to symptoms and illnesses that mimic the fake macaroni virus ; that those FAJ / SOS claim to be making everyone on earth sick and dying. Its all fake , just like those so called jews , who say they are from the tribe of Judah . The root / acronym / nickname of the word Judah is Jew. Revelation 2:9 3:9 : They say they are jews and are not , but are the synagogue of satan. If Jesus Christ calls them fake jews ; i will also accentuate on this historical and genetically proven fact. Good Day !

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