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Fr Paul Kramer on the Freemasonic Infiltration of the Catholic Church

Published on 08 Oct 2020 / In Freemasonry

Fr. Kramer here explains the real reasons why the Jews, Communists, and Freemasons infiltrated the Church, and why she is institutionally crippled today until a holy and courageous pope takes the Chair of Peter again.

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SerIntegral 6 months ago

Nice channel, welcome to this site.

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duckme666times33 6 months ago

Showed his true colours when he suggested Hitler was doing the exact same thing. This so called frier injected his poison right then and there.

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Sturmgewehr 6 months ago

In all fairness, not everyone is woke to true ww2 history, so I give him a pass on that. The brainwashing was incredibly pervasive about ww2 for his generation, so it's understandable he'd say something like that. We obviously know better, so it doesn't effect us. I wouldn't call it poison though, just ignorance. What he says about Freemasons is the most important thing and the topic of the video anyway. And he's not a friar, just a priest.

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