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Footage from Archive. 1941-08-06-Die Deutsche Wochenschau

Published on 18 Nov 2020 / In History

Video Description (translated) : The Fuehrer on the Eastern Front. Transport of Dutch, Croat and Italian volunteers to fight against Bolshevism. Advance in the Salla area. German and Romanian troops fight together, captured Bolsheviks. Murder and arson on Stalin's orders in the Romanian city of Balti, gathering of the Jewish civilian population. Road repair in Ukraine, battle for Vinnitsa. Further attacks on the Stalin line. The city of Mogilew is largely destroyed after the Soviet withdrawal. A destroyed Soviet airport. Lots of booty and prisoners. Decision of the Battle of Smolensk. Employment of Jews. Various buildings disguised as churches, plight of the civilian population, undernourished children, return to the villages. Destructive retreat of the Bolsheviks. Air raids on Moscow. Repair of the infrastructure in the area of ​​Lake Peipus, laying of cable lines. Captured Soviet soldiers. Construction battalions, the Reich Labor Service and the Todt Organization for the restoration and improvement of roads. German soldiers advance further. Attack by Soviet planes and defense by German flak and Jaeger

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milhouse 2 months ago

The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany

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