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Federal Court ruling requires employees to be vaccinated against Jewish Covid19

Captain Ron
Published on 20 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

its all going to plan. fuck the constitution right jews

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JewRSubhuman 28 days ago

We will wage war by deception and exterminate the goyim

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pater409 28 days ago

This is fucked up. The hospital that suspended its workers sucks cock, and its directors should be beaten over the head with a blunt, heavy object for being fucking cunts. If I were an employee and was told by my employer I had a choice between taking the fucking poison against my will and losing my job, I'd cordially invite that employer to take a flying fucking leap and shove his fucking job up his ass. The judges on the federal court that voted in favor of the ruling now have great big targets on their backs and foreheads, the fucking cunts.

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Freedom 1 month ago

Very easy choice for anyone who has real Biblical wisdom. This debate will rock on until the antichrist arrives to settle much of it. The JWO already knows what they are going to do about the vacc. But they set up the dominoes of many unsettled things so that when the antichrist arrives he can appear to have solutions and look like a genius. All while eliminating millions of people from the planet. They have planned all this for years.

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HereAmI 1 month ago

The legal maxim is "Consent Makes The Law", so mandates, legislation, Acts of Congress, etc, are at best only ever advice given by one man to another.
This advice does not have to be accepted or complied with, as we live - allegedly at least - in a democracy, in which people elect representatives to work for them and in their interests, not against them and independently of their interests.
The law the legislature is attempting to enforce and require compliance with is the Law of Contract only; and as such therefore the people being targeted by it MUST enter into a contractual obligation with the legislature to accept their mandates, and if they do not - as these demonstrators clearly do not, then there is no contract, and thus no requirement for the demonstrators to do what is being unlawfully demanded of them.
This is the Achilles Heel of all such legislation - it is ONLY valid if it is agreed to, and as we see, in many cases, it is not agreed to and so is unenforceable.

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 1 month ago

I feel safer already

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