Fat violent dykes - Rucka Rucka Ali

Published on 21 Nov 2020 / In Music

LMFAO can't believe I found this on YouTube from a link that I found on MeWe...
Disclaimer they have Hitler wrong in part of the lyrics because he was the good guy. Still some misdirected Goyim that made this parody and doesn't fully reflect my views.

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ModernTyrant 35 minutes ago

I'll wait to reveal the cliffhanger so I don't make everyone's head explode. Good shit. Everybody needs a good public shaming to reveal their flaws. This is why free speech is so important so that people can think critically and choose the best info for their life. Relying on "experts" to tell us what is good for us leaves us with the short end of the stick.

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ShortieLeeroy 2 days ago

Three minutes and fifty seconds of heavyweight quality.

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skez 3 days ago

so good

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Freedom 3 days ago

Absolute gold

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