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Fascist Wehrmacht capture Dunkirk and fly the Swastika. (1940)

Published on 08 May 2021 / In History

⁣There were about 80,000 British and French soldiers who were left behind by the (((Allies))). The ⁣Third Reich showed Mercy on them. ⁣You also see proud German ⁣soldiers flying the Swastika over the English channel.

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David_Greco 27 days ago

After defeating aggressor France and permitting the British to withdraw, in the hope of peace, Adolf Hitler, from the position of the victor, made this public speech appealing for peace, to prevent the loss of millions of lives.

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ImAuftrageDeutschland 3 months ago

Hände hoch! Wer ist Weltmeister? Wer? DEUTSCHLAND!

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franciscopollardo 3 months ago (edited)

The movie, Dunkirk, if true and fairly accurate, reflected a bunch of White British Pussies running away from the Germans. I found it disgusting. Then the treatment of the French wanting to escape by the arrogant British soldiers. Then we have the French covering the retreat of the British, yet when one French soldier wanted to get on a boat, they were treated like shit. The French covering the British pussies. That is what the movie reflected. It was so bad, that I gave the film only a 50 out of 100. The French that stayed behind were used like trash. The Aussies would have not retreated in such a manner. The film did not show the bravery of the average British soldier.

Even the Canadians who were used by the British to hold off the Japs in Hong Kong, were poorly trained and held the Japs off for a long time during the battle for Hong Kong.

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