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☆Everything I Don't Like Is Unlawful ☆ Part 1☆

Published on 24 Feb 2021 / In Cointel Pro Shills

This video along with numerous others has been struck from Youtube while ppl like Brewer, Liddicoat and Smit can misinform & incite people daily with little consequence - pointing it out gets YOU struck for THEIR medical & legal misinfo.
Pointing out some obvious flaws in the legal advice spouted by Nick "Lying Is A Sin" Patterson ... errrrmmm you know that includes deception by conscious omission right Nick?! Could have covered more but people find the longer videos too much so we will split critique of this guy's advice into chunks.
Was told not to bother with this one but I was inspired by BrianBHappy's efforts ... hope FNQ is treating you well - watch out for prions mate 😉
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mics972 5 months ago

Hello mics972,

rambetter sent you a message "You get to stay in Hell."

Regards the WTV team.

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AnxiousAussie 5 months ago

i'm sorry but is this comment on the right channel?

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