EUROPA - The Last Battle [Part 1]

Published on 02 Jul 2019 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

Europa - The Last Battle Part - 1

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DARRYL DUNCAN 7 months ago

What he said in the first 39 seconds is what I have been saying since the early 1980's. That is when I learned that our legal system prosecutes depending on how much money you don't have. I will see people everyday not get prosecuted for their many crimes because they have money while the poor can be made to appear guilty of any crime and convicted without proof of guilt. If you look closely at the District Attorneys they will most often be Jews, people who do not prosecute other Jews but love to imprison whites. End our system of money and the citizens will have a say about our laws and freedom.

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Crazy_Cat_Gentleman 5 months ago

Sounds like your path has been similar to mine, but I may be younger. In my late teens I started asking why is it only white people can be racist, why is it all white people are racist. That was 25 years ago now.....

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