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Eugene Ormandy- Peter & The Wolf

Published on 30 Mar 2021 / In Music

This is the story of Peter and the wolf... so narrates David Bowie in this famous classic tale. Another story of Historical significance is the business of slavery the Jews of the world have been practicing these last 2000 years. Wen they were abducting Africans from their homes and bringing them to America, every Jewish household owned these blacks. Jews in other countries would trade shiny beads and rum or other goods to obtain Black Africans as slaves and many were chased down at sword and gun point by Jews. Millions of Africans never survived the trip. During the same time period in which Jewish people were abducting Blacks for slavery in America they were abducting White women and children from their homes along the coasts of England, Ireland, Sweden and America, selling them to Arabs in the Middle East for 400 years. Jews have always been great liars, which is something they do as a group together in getting away unpunished for every crime they commit. With the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 they were able to pay off the police of America to imprison Whites but never will you see these Jews in prison while our Currency Laws exist.

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SerIntegral 2 days ago


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KMB 2 months ago

I Remember Hearing This When I Was A Kid

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