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Ernst Zundel - German prisoners tortured into signing confessions

Published on 03 Mar 2021 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

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Guardian Journalist (anti-Nazi) Ian Cobain has written a book about the torture of German WW2 prisoners.

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DARRYL DUNCAN 2 months ago

I remember this discussion and that there has been others that spoke about it during the war like General Douglas MacArthur and General Patton.. Any man can be made to say or sign anything under torture. In the United Stes the police began forcing us Whites to sign Plea Bargain convictions for crimes we didn't commit which, for various legal departments means an annual profit of hundreds of billions of dollars annually to each of these departments for having prisoners. It is no longer a method of physical torture, not always. What they did in 1980 was to remove the need of the police to have tangible evidence when making an arrest and they allow trial convictions based upon the opinion of Jury's without proof of guilt. A Trial Sentence will sentence a man to the maximum sentence allowed by law and the only option you have towards receiving a lesser sentence is to plead guilty. Millions of Whites began filing lawsuits, writing the newspapers and asking the higher authorities to investigate police corruption but these authorities simply choose not to investigate and the newspapers don't publish anything that Whites say about police corruption. They only publish what blacks say. The laws of this nation changed the meanings of many words in law that are used everyday so that these words do not mean what people think they mean. A "Witness" is anybody making a statement. The District Attorneys offer Sentence Reductions to any prisoner willing to lie against someone else. The accusation is called the "evidence" without support. Hearsay had been illegal up till these new laws came out. In a Trial what the Jury hears of your side of the case is entirely dependent upon you having the money an attorney wants. Conversely the laws in America have exceptions written for every crime too. This means that even murder can be said to be not a crime if you have enough money to afford the attorneys who can use these exceptions. In the United States these attorneys come in 2 price categories, those for State crimes and those for Federal Crimes. Anybody guilty of a crime of the State must pay a minimum starting price of $100,000.00 for an attorney who can have his charge Dismissed no matter the amount of evidence proving his guilt. Those having been charged with Federal Crimes must be able to pay a minimum $ 1 Million Dollar starting price fee. They have made so many changes to our laws and most of the Free World is totally unaware of them because they just sit and watch TV Movies all the time and read what lies these Jews publish and they don't know the truth. Another change in the law is that of calling anything you say "Circumstantial Evidence" so say you are charged with a crime you didn't commit and you tell the police you have no knowledge of it. They will call your words Circumstantial Evidence and let that be reason to keep you in jail. If you do not make a statement they can pay off somebody to lie against you. These things and many more has been forcing Whites to sign Plea Bargains for 50 years.

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