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Epic Rant About Jews, Gods, Human Manipulation By Other Worldly Entities

Published on 18 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

From 2/5/2020 - ⁣ (original vid on my bitchute channel)

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1malec11 25 days ago

They have to tell us what they are going to do because if they do not get at least our subconscious or unconscious consent of what will be perpetrated the curse doesn't work. The nature of reality will not allow manifestation of these plans otherwise. Tim Rifat goes in much detail to explain how the Jews manipulate the laws of nature to make us create their preferred outcome while also scapegoating us.

They are parasitized by outside forces that make them believe they are the crown jewel of existence. They are just the tool. Their elite are genetically altered by their overlords to make them resemble them and to make them feel chosen. Likewise the "overlords" are puppeted by the demon realms who in turn are controlled by an insane god, the supreme jailer who also wants out but hasn't got a clue how to do it.

IT only has the blueprint for existence in the form of the Kabbalistic tree of life, which IT "gave" to the Jews by proxy. It was given to them as real estate to which they have laid claim. They where picked specifically because of their psychopathic predisposition among other weaknesses. Moreover it is not a question of what we have done to deserve this but what we are, which makes us attract parasites like moths to a light.

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XavierOctavia 1 month ago

Had to come back and revisit this gem. Feeling a bit despondent at the state of play in this "Carnival of Buffoonery".

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Maverick331 2 months ago

You figure out how to go to go to war with the malignant evil that’ has caused the very best of the human race to be mercilessly slaughtered , you figure out how to go to war with that count me in

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XavierOctavia 2 months ago

These "rants" are music to my ears. And the " Carnival of Buffoonery" line well now you're just showing off. Another great vid RMP.

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EuropeMustLive 2 months ago

When I was a child until the age of 12 I didn't have a TV in the house, my parents didn't have the money and they didn't consider it useful. But it really is something very captivating for the children mind because when I went to relatives and friends I wanted to watch TV, it was something WOW. When I think that nowadays children ruin their heads and eyes (myopia has become a big problem and I think that after this online "school" it will get worse) instead of enjoying playing in the sunlight it infuriates me.

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