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Ebony and Ivory, Living in perfect harmony....

Published on 16 Oct 2020 / In Entertainment

nigg, nigga, NIGGER...(waste of a good beer imo)

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Ground Forces
Ground Forces 4 days ago

A wigger and a nigger ahahahahha hilarious

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Outcast 4 days ago

More to come...
You know white people are getting tired when the poor whites start calling them out as the Niggers they are.
Lmao! I love this video.

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Midgardskind90 5 days ago

Still i would 10x rather have "white trash" as a neighbor, than a "decent" nigger..

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cuckedbaseman 5 days ago

This is the truth. He might even be a crackhead but I can't see someone like that stealing tools from my shed.

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Scatterbrainkid 4 days ago

@cuckedbaseman: You should work in a pawn shop for a while. When he says he will act like a nigger when he wants he means he will act like a nigger when he wants.

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