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Dr. William Pierce & Robert Mathews - A Call to Arms

National Alliance
Published on 19 Apr 2021 / In History

⁣Recording of Dr. William Luther Pierce from the Power of Truth CD series; available here for purchase:

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DARRYL DUNCAN 29 days ago

It is good to discuss people like Bob Matthews, those who stood up and spoke out about the wrongs. I think the way to combat this evil would be to address the issuance of the money we are all made to use. It is this money that has allowed an enemy to enslave us. They manufacture it themselves on their own printing presses and then force us to have to pay set prices to obtain God-given rights in the courtrooms. If we were to go back to 1980 to discover how many Whites were proven guilty in a Trial Court before being sent to prison the numbers would be staggeringly few compared to the many tens of millions of Whites sent to prison without proof of guilt. A Plea Bargain is simply a method of receiving a sentence length lesser than a Trial Court would give which doesn't have to prove guilt, therefore any Plea Bargain has to be viewed as people who were not proven guilty also. The laws of this land therefore go to those who create this fake money for everyone to use. If this money stopped being issued then laws could be created to allow the arrests of everyone equally for their crimes. Under Americas laws are laws which allow the guilty to go free, provided they have enough money to use those laws. What White man has such money in a nation which allows Jews to manufacture the money everyone uses? If we review President Woodrow Wilsons own words after signing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 we can see that he was horrified and scared, because he had just given a few Jews the controls to his own Office. This Act is Treason any way you look at it but the fact that a President was scared shows the power which was created by the signing. Who can overturn and end such treason?

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