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Dr. Robert Leys warning...

Published on 02 Mar 2021 / In Uncategorized

“Like all creatures, a human being has to follow the laws of nature. The National Socialist principle that humanity is divided into races, and that the races vary in their nature, abilities, and accomplishments, is an accepted fact everywhere, despite all the Jewish attempts to deny it.”

- Dr. Robert Ley, 'Das Reich - Kampf und Arbeit für Europa', Der Schulungsbrief (Das Zentrale Monatsblatt der NSDAP). Berlin, IX. Jährgang. Erstes Heft 1942 (Folge 1./2./3.) Januar/Februar/März. Herausgeber: Der Reichsorganisationsleiter der NSDAP.

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Mountain_Maiden 2 months ago

They WILL NOT eradicate us.

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