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Dogs are the Best People ep62 the most cozy doggo...

Dan TheOracle
Published on 16 Jul 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Next Episode: ep63 not just mans best friend
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DARRYL DUNCAN 9 months ago

Each day I tend to 2 five year old male Chow's and a 5 yr old female Doberman, and a 2 yr old Calico cat. One Chow came out of the river about 5 months ago with what may have been a snake bite. Everyday he licks the wound which look like 2 punctures and the area stays a purplish black bruised look. I can only tend him myself so have wrapped the wound in handkerchief soaked in neosporin ointment but it never heals. The other Chow is another kind and looks like a lion. He has bitten 3 people and only likes me but will bite me if in pain. He suffers bad in this summer heat with what must be like 5 layers of winter hair so that he chews it off his hide and will have bloody raw places and these heal looking like exposed skin and, he stinks bad because he will not allow anyone to touch him with water. These are my neighbors dogs and I did not raise them. The sons they were purchased for are drug addicts who do not care for their dogs. I would give my right arm for a dog I love them so much but the vet so far keeps putting me off every time I phone. These dogs will bite their owners but not me. I grew up raising Akita and German Shepherd to kill wolves and anything I point at. I never hit a dog or raise my voice as I know it is through love you get what you want from a dog. Akita will challenge you for Alpha position at 5 or 6 months of age but you just need hold them down for about 20 minutes and then they know you are Alpha. What can I do to treat these dogs wounds?

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 9 months ago

im sorry but i have absolutely no idea, it sounds like it may have abscessed or something but without seeing it i really have no idea. you really need to muzzle it and take it to the vets asap because it certainly sounds like its a danger to the dogs life if it never healed

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DARRYL DUNCAN 9 months ago

@DanTheOracle: Thanks.. The Animal Clinic is about 300 yds from my home but they been overworked this yr and have had me on hold over a month now. Thanks,

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 9 months ago

@DARRYL DUNCAN: go there in person and explain what the problem is, im sure they will make room

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SerIntegral 9 months ago

Awesome bear, I never expected this.

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 9 months ago

sir, as i have already commented down lower, this series is not called bears are the best people its called DOGS are the best people, this is obviously a god, a rare russian breed i believe

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definitely gonna get a dog someday

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 9 months ago

just be careful about these rare breeds, sometimes they need lots of maintenance

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Eliza_Gant 9 months ago

such a cutie :) look at that good boy just chilling at the swing, russian doggos sure are big and fluffy

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Duckandcover 9 months ago

What a great way to take a break from this Satanic ritual were living in. Thank you so much loved it

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