Do Unto Others

Published on 16 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

Re-upload with introduction and end screen.

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Unchained 13 days ago

Why remove the Mein Kampf references? Those are some of the most important truths that need to be conveyed.

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rambetter 12 days ago

Could you elaborate?

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卐卐卐 \/ri||arō|\|i|\| 卐卐卐

You are on the path of righteousness bruder. Loyalty to the truth is of upmost importance at this time! I must say, I love all the cats on your land. We must appreciate all of our animals, and in turn they will appreciate us, in this world, and the next. I enjoy analyzing my animals as well. It is fascinating how individual animals are. My tortoiseshell female is a little porker, but is full of love and affection. And my barn bred tabby is a little viscous girl who is ready for a fight. I let her gnaw on my arm, she loves it haha. She also isnt a licker like other more affectionate cats. For example, my torty will lick right away after a play bite, assuming I need to be calmed soothed. And of course my barn bred cat could care less about licking me after a play bite. Makes me chuckle. I enjoy listening to your thoughts, good sir.

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rambetter 13 days ago

Well received.

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