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Ditlieb Felderer's Revisionist Slide Show (1982)

Published on 05 May 2021 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

Before any Revisionists took video cameras to the sites of former German concentration camps in Poland, Ditlieb Felderer spent years inviestigating them. Ernst Zundel presents the slide show which Ditlieb developed from those visits.

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Roseline 3 months ago

Very very interesting, this must be one of the first truth presentations and he's obviously right on. Watching this it's hard to understand how so many people still believe millions were exterminated there but like they say: "it's much easier to lie to people than to convince them they have been lied to".

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WarrenofAlbyne 2 months ago

"It is easier to fool someone than convince them they have been fooled" - Mark Twain.

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