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Distraught Dad Offers Daughter $2,000 to Not Get Bioweapon Injection

Melissa Lev
Published on 06 Jun 2021 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines
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Freethinking_Vladimir 9 days ago (edited)

Fat cunt secretly records one of the two people who loves her the most. She deserves all of the evil possible.Going her own way, OK then, but secretly recording her dad, attempting to put him to shame, that is outright vile. Also, takes pride in being an "adult" but still lives at parents home.

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Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev 7 days ago

Couldn't agree more!

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TruthOfJesusChrist 10 days ago

She looks like she already got it

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WhiteNight 19 days ago

family no more, by design

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Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev 19 days ago

The family unit is their biggest threat. They try so hard to divide the family, one of their main goals.

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Freedom 19 days ago

This dad that lost his daughter years ago. He sent her to the satanic public education that brain washed her. I would bet the mother is a feminist and the daughter has been taught to not respect or trust her dad and that all white males are bad. She will get the reward of her free will decisions.

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dino 19 days ago

That was the first thing that came to my mind. His daughter is under a spell, so it is useless to try to reason with someone like that. It's heartbreaking though. Poor guy.

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