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Die Rothschilds - 1940

Published on 06 Apr 2021 / In Television / Movies

⁣Die Rothschilds - 1940

Directed By Erich Waschneck
July 17th, 1940


A biography documentary drama of the Rothschilds family dealings. The movie follows the German Jewish family members who rose to the top of the European banking community during the Napoleonic era.

Independent review:

The Rothschilds are the richest family on the planet and have heavily influenced the history books that the modern world has been born and raised on. This gives a TRULY alternative telling outside of all the anti-white propaganda that is filled with myths and lies.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 10 days ago

by this point in the film, the jewing was well underway...

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 10 days ago


too bad the title of it doesn't mean what it would in english: DIE rothschilds!

i found this curious too, we all know jewry points always to matriarchy,
even though their culture SEEMS male oriented, they really are into some female thing.
yet the Old Testament is clearly about PATriarchy.

and the evil being in the kjv is the "queen" of heaven,
and some people have given evidence lucifer may infact be female,
and others have given evidence lucifer was created male, chopped off his wang to become female.

so then this about gender and film's title:

The masculine definite article (“the”) is der,
the feminine is die,
and the neuter form is das.

and as for those dual-loyalty judeao-christies,
they frequently talk about "shekinah" glory;
shekina is again a reference to FEMALE energy, NOT male.

and i'm not bagging on females in this, i'm noting about someone
trying to flip a god-created heirarchy on its head;
for example my neighbor's son is his son not mine, i can't order
his kid to mow my lawn;
my coworker is not my subordinate, i can't boss my coworker to do anything.
if you accept a heirarchy given to you then you can function in that organization;
if you reject their heirarchy then you should leave, not be a disrupter.
lucifer chose to be a disrupter.

lucifer was pissed off that he and the watchers were ordered to take care of us humans,
he felt it a servitude position. and in a way it is, a parent serves the baby
by changing their diapers, etc.; but as the kjv instructs, servitude is a HIGH position

so my simple advice to females is - make your choice do you go by the kjv or not,
and if you do, then find out what it says about your role and perform your role.
as a male it is my responsibility to be protector and provider.
too many self-called Christians in america flat out do not even study the book;
if one does, they learn the female can not be a "feminist", it is rejecting the hiearchy
the god of the kjv laid out for us to live by.
my message to most americans - go ahead and don't be Christian if you don't want,
but quit telling me you are when you don't even read the book.

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