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Devil's World - Navy veteran, 30, dies after California Pigs knelt on his neck for 5min

Published on 24 Feb 2021 / In Uncategorized

Navy veteran, 30, dies after California 'police knelt on his neck for five minutes and he begged them not to kill him' after they were called to help during one of his paranoia episodes, his family says

Angelo Quinto, 30, died in a California hospital three days after the December 23 encounter with Antioch Police Department officers inside his home

His mother Cassandra Quinto-Collins, who witnessed the chaotic ordeal, said her son was begging officers not to kill him

She filmed part of the aftermath on her phone, which does not show the officers kneeling on his neck

Quinto, who was honorably discharged from the Navy in 2019 due to a food allergy, had long suffered from depression but it was never diagnosed

His family has now filed a legal claim against the police department, which is the first step towards being able to file a wrongful death lawsuit

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Siren 2 months ago

Is that his mom?! Are you fricken kidding me I would have LOST IT ON THEM take mine from me and see what I take from you! This is BS who tf do they think they are taking a life and above that a life that FOUGHT AND PUT THEIRS on the line for us for BS lies and agendas!

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Zombie_Annihilation 2 months ago

The only thing the blue thugs seem to be any good at murdering innocent people.

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1 month ago

It could be you next or a friend, maybe a family member, these thugs dont care, theyve been killing innocent unarmed civilians in Iraq for so long it becomes second nature when they join the pig force back home.

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Lever_Action 2 months ago

Looks like conspiracy to tamper with a murder scene to me

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iNFiDEL 2 months ago

Probably the closest those cops will come to a guilty feeling this year

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eric_blood 2 months ago

Israel's Satanic soldiers carrying out their ADL Orders! DEATH TO THE Z.O.G.!
White People, Have You Had Enough Yet?
卐 Gott Mit Uns America Europa & the Holy Reich Sieg Heil DEUS VULT Unser Seliger Adolf in Jesus Christ Amen. ϟϟ

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