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Demon Pigs Assault a 73 yo Lady with Dementia! Suffered Broken Arm and Dislocated Shoulder!

Melissa Lev
Published on 20 Apr 2021 / In Police State / J.W.O.
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DARRYL DUNCAN 17 days ago

Just sad to see this woman treated this way.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 21 days ago

they WILL burn in hell but it is heartbreaking to suffer that this exists for now.
if this occurred to someone i cared about i would go ahead and plot the abduction of the cops, torture them for days,
and kill as many "avenger" cops as showed up when they figured out who i was / where.
and the first element of torture i would do to the cops is maim them for life in case i got halted early, i would at least accomplish that much.

my reminder pic again for cops reading, i am "gunning" for you, please visit me.

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Sherry Beme
Sherry Beme 21 days ago

I can't watch her being attacked because she's 73 but I will give you a thumbs up. Way too much of this happening now and something must be done about it.

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Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev 21 days ago

I agree, this has gotten waaaaay out of hand. These enforcers need to be put in their place.

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Nemesis 21 days ago (edited)

It's very strange , almost as if these psychopaths have had a lobotomy and the part of the brain that has empathy and mercy has been removed . Either that or they are not what we think they are , or they are specially chosen sociopaths that enjoy inflicting pain or compliant zombies that blindly follow orders . Or all. Whatever it is , these fiends are funded by the public albeit forcibly . There will be recompense for their treachery.

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Sherry Beme
Sherry Beme 20 days ago

@Nemesis: They are all of those things and more Nemesis. You are one educated woman, it shows in your writing.

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