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Deep Truth Image of the Day - Brief

Atlas Castaneda
Published on 21 Nov 2020 / In Documentaries

The Anti-Archon path is all about the human race else you remain loosh energy food on the human bean. super-highway to hell (back here). Note the open-palm spider man pose with the right side energy stale stagnant ch'i output out the right arm and palm. You use strong negativity to repel even more harmful negativity.

Also in the Zoodiacal allegory with Jesus as the sun (the halo-Corona of thorns headdress). Cancerous UV-C sun exposure also repels these dracho Draculas along with garlic, crosses, and sage or parsley smoke from smudge sticks, incense, or scented candles, just as portrayed in old vampire movies, There's tons of deep truth throughout all forms of art.

In his saintly left hand appears to be an ancient Egyptian healing wand. I doubt it's his genitalia though there's incredible mighty 2 power in the 2nd chakra too.

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