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DC Police blocked off BLM again so Trump supporters couldn't get through and were made to go through BLM group which then attacked them

Published on 22 Nov 2020 / In Uncategorized
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RamsesTheGreat 29 days ago

That’s why we don’t riot, we march. Nigger cunt doesn’t even know why she hates Trump and loves Biden.

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underrepresented 2 months ago

I could not take all that shit without going Rambo on their target-faced asses.

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Duckandcover 2 months ago

We really need to do something about the BLM murder enforcers God

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RedLady 2 months ago

It's sad to say but the IQ of most of those whites supporting BLM and Antifa is on par with the Negroes! No wonder their college degrees are worthless, they took all the social justice and gender/women's studies courses and didn't learn shit.

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REECE 2 months ago

those 2 black females were instigators in like 5 other separate attacks that day

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JamesRay 2 months ago

Hopefully they keep doing it, there luck will run out and they will instigate with the wrong person soon enough.

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