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David Icke says (((The Evil Cult))) is white

Dan TheOracle
Published on 02 Sep 2020 / In Conspiracies


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AndrewJackson 3 months ago

No wonder he hasn’t been fully banned. It seems the bans he has been given have only been enough to show him to be outside the establishment. The epitome of controlled opposition. Seems there is a full gradation of these types

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 3 months ago

exactly this. he makes anyone on this side of things seem completely mad simply by association and anyone that appears with him is highly suspicious.

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This Traitor is usually the 1st base for sheep. I remember people finding him year's ago and getting stuck there. He always alludes to some truth , and then quotes "In my new book". It wouldn't surprise me if he is a Shill. Obviously Sheckles mean more to him than what's right.
He fu king knows the Nose alright. He's just a traitorous piece of shit with a price tag. He'll hang along side them.
"Sièg Òder Walhalla"

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SerIntegral 5 months ago

Oh yeah, but stalin and his killers were so good.

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Rockwell 5 months ago

01:33 - "This cult, at its core, is almost entirely White!" Fuck this lying cocksucker.

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14Unger88 5 months ago

Thank you so much for this clip. I've never seen him so overtly come out like this before. He usually always talks about this "cult" but will never tell you who they are. He is the epitome of controlled opposition. He probably believes all the bs he is saying too. Maybe he was MK Ultra'd or maybe just a shill.

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