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David Crowley was Murdered Making a Film in 2014 Predicting what you're Seeing Today - Martial Law

Melissa Lev
Published on 29 Mar 2021 / In Freemasonry
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hoplitefrogg 17 days ago


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Panterabyte 14
Panterabyte 14 21 days ago

Our enemies know the power of propaganda through media, especially films... Fuckers..

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AryanPrincess 24 days ago

1. Step one create a 'fake' virus,
2. Have Bill Gates pay $50 Million to have WHO declare a pandemic.
3. Push the depopulation vaccines as quickly as possible, without
need of FDA approval or any liability for damages.
4. Get the AMA and BIG Pharma cranked up to make a lot of money.
5. Get government to green light all the money and take away your rights.
6. Have media start their fear propaganda into high gear.
7. Manipulate the PCR test to test for COV-19 when it does not that way,
and use FLU numbers to boost your death counts.
8. CDC & WHO has never isolated this virus, but have them enforce mask
mandates by Dr. Fauci.
9. Later when things wind down, boost 5G signals to make people Hypoxia,
claiming there is a new virus, round 2# But this time it is worse, a bioterrorist
attack, have Dictator Xi Joe Biden to declare Martial Law.
10. Have Bill Gates come back as a hero and "FORCE everyone to take
the vaccine.
11. Bill Gates is sitting by his computer and enters a code to access 5G
with a 5G signal that will drive everybody crazy whom took his vaccine,
million of AMERICANS will die days later.
12. Bill Gates depopulation agenda and he will be our hero vaxx a nation into extermination...

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WhiteMiasma 24 days ago

name the yid.

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