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David Attenborough speech: People and Planet (2011) - too many people in the world. Introduction by Prince Phillip.

Published on 10 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

David Attenborough speech: People and Planet (2011)

Openly talking about population control, too many people in the world. Introduction by Prince Phillip.

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shane127 1 month ago

these demons speaking hurts my brain,cant do it.

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DDoubleDD 1 month ago

David Attenborough trashed his reputation when he made fake videos to promote the 'climate'change' swindle.

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AryanPrincess 1 month ago

Don't Worry! - Bill Gates Has A Vaxx For That;
I have seen the effects from regular vaccines,
making our children gay and some children
are sterile and others yet having Attention
Deficit Disorder.
Bill Gates said he will use vaccines for depopulation.
Bill Gates father was head of Planned Parenthood,
there Bill Gates learned about stem cells and how
they can heal and how they can kill.
This new Covid-19 vaccine is different, having
stem cells added in the vaccine serum.
These stem cells grow and reproduce inside
the host/victim connecting to the human
immune and nervous system and years later,
Bill Gates can "hijack" your central nervous
system with this transhumanism link and 5G
as easily as pushing a computer key, after that
hundreds of millions of people and Americans
with the vaxx will all die!
But where's your proof of this, you will say?
"5G Mast Worker Exposes The Covid-19 Chip On The Circuit Board ",

First the Bill Gates vaxx will be voluntary,
then it will become mandatory,
after that it will be FORCED on everyone!

This for a virus with a fatility rate less 1% - REALLY?
Just FYI, there is no virus, the CDC and WHO
admitted they never isolated the virus Covid-19
and the PCR test does not even test for it.
Please tell me what you think is really going on here?
Meantime; Please don't get the Bill Gates stem cell vaxx.

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Soldier1 1 month ago (edited)

I remember seeing a comment on YouTube made by a woman whose husband worked for a pharmaceutical company. They had dinner one night with one of his coworkers. Vaccines came up, and the guy and his buddy were laughing about the vaccines being for depopulation. The woman was shocked and later confronted her husband at home. Indeed he knew exactly what the vaccine was for, yet continued to promote it. She said she was packed, moved, and had filed for divorce within weeks of learning this.

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TIGER 1 month ago

Think that prince cunt just died

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Soldier1 1 month ago

Thank God. Now hopefully Attenborough will too.

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