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daniel carver roast

Published on 21 Feb 2020 / In Sports

The Roast of Daniel Carver

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AppalachianAmerican 29 days ago

Somebody please inform the niggers that you need at least an IQ level of 85 to be funny.
-That of course would require serious admixture.

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fromWOLFtoDOG 3 months ago

I think Howard brought Daniel onto the show so the entire country could laugh at him....
If Howard and his producers only knew how Daniel had an effect on young white guys like me, I'm sure he would've never brought him on.....The first time I heard Daniel I laughed at him, But the first time I listened to Daniel, I stopped laughing...And I Woke Up.

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theliquidatedrabbi 9 months ago

Howard Stern is a slug.

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cuckedbaseman 1 year ago

That Sal guy was pretty funny.

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Outcast 1 year ago

This was pure evil.
A room full of k1k3$ and their goats roasting an actual working man.
Why he even agreed to do this ???
Maybe just to show how simple and sick minded this room full of serpents really are.

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