D'Amato finds jews gold teeth in swiss banks

Published on 21 Feb 2021 / In Jewish Genocides

A wartime intelligence cable and the transcript of an interrogation of a Nazi treasury official are adding weight to claims that Switzerland helped Nazi Germany with a massive World War II money-laundering operation.

U-S Senator Alfonse D'Amato, chairman of the Senate banking committee, released the newly declassified documents in New York on Sunday.

The papers suggest that the Swiss National Bank shipped 280 truckloads of Nazi gold worth up to 500 (m) million U-S dollars to Spain and Portugal in 1943 and 1944.

Republican Senator Alfonse D'Amato has taken a leading role in efforts to trace looted Jewish assets and repeatedly has demanded that Swiss officials release information on Nazi accounts held by Swiss banks during and after the war.

On Sunday, D'Amato said the recently declassified documents had been unearthed only last week.

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"For the first time since our inquiry began last December we have documents confirming that the Swiss were actively and directly involved in shipping gold for Nazis. These documents show that the Swiss claim of neutrality in World War II was pure nonsense. These documents also show that these shipments were carried out by trucks that had the insignia of Switzerland stamped on them, in other words they actually used Swiss transport; that the gold bars were identified clearly as coming from Germany."
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D'Amato criticized Swiss officials for failing to cooperate with his investigation.

He said he had sent a letter to Swiss President Arnold Koller demanding a response to the new information.

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"I believe this information should necessitate the Swiss government, certainly their justice minister to begin to seek justice instead of continuing to carry out this charade. That they know nothing, they did nothing, and they have nothing to be accountable for. I think they have an awful lot to be accountable for."
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The executive director of the World Jewish Congress, Elan Steinberg, said the papers revealed Swiss banks and government officials as Nazi collaborators.

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"What do we mean by Nazi gold? Nazi gold represented the greatest robbery in the history of mankind. It was the plunder of the central banks of Europe, and on a personal level even more horrifying - it was the gold taken from the victims at the concentration camps. The gold in those trucks included the gold of wedding rings, the gold from gold watches, and even, as we now know its most grizzly form, the gold teeth literally ripped from the mouths of the death camp victims."
SUPER CAPTION: Elan Steinberg, World Jewish Congress executive director

The Swiss National Bank acknowledged last week that it had profited from business with gold looted by Nazi Germany, but said it had not dealt with any gold from concentration camp victims.

D'Amato said they lend further credence to his charges that Swiss bankers and the Swiss government knowingly helped the Nazis launder gold they had plundered from occupied Europe and Jewish victims of the Holocaust «This washes away those who would say this was a myth, it really didn't take place, you have no evidence,» he said. «Who would suspect that you would find the horror, in such detail, spelled out?»

watches and even gold teeth.

The 1946 cable D'Amato released Sunday, from U.S. intelligence agents to the director of the Office of Strategic Services, describes a «high level Swiss» source who had reportedly discovered 280 truckloads of gold shipped from Nazi accounts at the Swiss National Bank in Bern to banks in Madrid and Lisbon in 1943 and 1944.

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