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Cute Gen Z White Girl Brainwashed by Marxism

Published on 18 Nov 2020 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

White girl on Twitter expresses desire to rid the American government of all white men in positions of power with the help of Antifa front group Anonymous, implying they will use lethal force to accomplish their aim.

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Ramton 4 days ago

Come on, she looks like my brother.

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ElHerno 4 days ago

Kill the whites and the niggers will rape every single one of these dumb cunts

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Bond0077 4 days ago


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General Jack Ripper
General Jack Ripper 4 days ago

I hate to say it but these people need to be institutionalized. Or removed from our society. They are too far gone.

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Bobzilla206 4 days ago

Her daddy needs to beat the living shit out of her. if he's still around or probably that damn restraining order shit her mom filled while he stays off the property he's force to pay money on still. Her mother probably went full man hating lesbian as a shinning example to her daughter.

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