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Culture of Critique Chapter 4 - Jewish Involvement In The Psychoanalytic Movement

Published on 12 Apr 2021 / In Audiobooks


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AryanPrincess 3 months ago

Sigmund Freud, was a fraud, there was a huge feud between him and Dr. Wilhelm Reich.
Reich was born in Austria in 1897. By 1922 he graduated from the University of Vienna as a Doctor of Medicine. During his study for his doctorate, Reich became a pupil of Sigmund Freud.

Later he became the clinical assistant at Freud’s Psychoanalytical Clinic. Dr. Reich wrote numerous books on psychology, neurosis, anxiety, religion, and sexuality.

Orgone Energy May Be The Key to Understanding Human Health

The health of the general population has declined over the last 60 years since Dr. Reich was practicing. The accumulation of Dead Orgone has inundated our bodies and environment. One major accumulator of DOR is electromagnetic radiation. Today we are being bombarded by electro-magnetic fields (or EMFs). Wifi is everywhere. So, even if we don’t use it ourselves, we are still impacted by it from everyone else that has it around us. Wifi is a part of the EMFs that are invisible lines of force that emanate from any electrical or wireless device.

There are basically two types of EMFs: low frequency and high frequency. Low frequency EMFs are emitted by our electricity and appliances. High Frequency EMFs (also known as Radio Frequency or “RF”) are generated by wireless devices. Now that 5G is rolling out in various cities, this will increase the detrimental effects of EM radiation even more.

Our body immediately has a stress response to these frequencies. Some examples of this stress response are:

Diminished blood flow and oxygen to organs
Impairment of all body systems
Increased blood sugar
Increased blood pressure & heart rate
Interference with cell metabolism
Arthritis and more.

Aside from what we can control with eliminating these EMF-emitting devices from our own environment, we can actually use Orgone energy itself to harness Positive Orgone Energy for healing.

How Can We Protect Ourselves from Deadly "5G" Energy?
Michael Faraday another non-Jew holds the answer as we need a shield from it, this device is called a Faraday cage.

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