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Crisis Actor can’t stop smiling and laughing, New Zealand, Christchurch hoax

Published on 11 Oct 2020 / In Conspiracies

Muh saint

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Madeline Mardigan
Madeline Mardigan 5 days ago

Omg. I could not give a fuck.

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franciscopollardo 12 days ago

How do we get currency to the shooter to support him in prison? I would like to donate, but it is too costly to send currency to New Zealand due to high Swift Fees.

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iamfjk 17 days ago

It's only in White nations that these Anti European Protocols are enforced :

Forced Multiculturalism

Forced Miscegenation

Forced Integration of European schools and neighborhoods

Forced Diversity

Forced Redistribution of European Wealth / Resources aka Welfare.

Welfare is the Ammunition that Houses , Clothes and Feeds these subhuman populations of apes , fake azz yews , sandiggers , asians , mongoloids and wetbacks .

Welfare is the same as a 50 Caliber belt fed machine gun. The more Bullets / Welfare you ""FEED"" into the Gun / apes , fake azz yews , wetbacks , sandiggers and mongoloids , the more European's you cull.

This is the core reason why European's cannot afford to have children and populate their own nations !

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iamfjk 17 days ago

Flood EVERY & ONLY white countries with hundreds of millions of non-whites

·Create assimilation laws that restrict Whites from having any states,
counties, cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods or schools to themselves

·Institute “diversity” policies to replace
White kids in schools, universities, and employment

·Promote miscegenation & demonize those opposed to it

·Create “Hate Speech” laws that make it a
criminal act for Whites to object to their genocide

·Dehumanize White kids by telling them they’re a
privileged “social construct” that are not worth preserving

·Demonize White history while canonizing the history of non-whites

·Coverup the alarming number of violent crimes committed against whites

·Silence, harass, threaten, fire, demonize, or physically
assault anyone who opposes these policies.

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iamfjk 17 days ago

Every European government on earth has been hijacked and mutinized by the "SOS" aka "ZIONIST BOLSHEVIK COMMUNIST FAKE YEWS"

They have a ruling "KINGPIN FAMILY" named "ROTHSCHILDS" that is the "LUCIFERIAN BANKING CARTEL" and is financing the "GLOBAL GENOCIDE OF ALL EUROPEAN'S"

They have hired their "CONTRACT KILLER SOROS" to enforce their "KALERGI PLAN" "HERBERT APTHEKERS NEGRO REVOLTS" and "CLOWARD AND PIVEN" in every European nation on earth.

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