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Covid 19 Vaccination - Weyan in Jammu & Kashmir becomes India's 1st village to innoculate all adults

Published on 14 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

Premiered Jun 11, 2021
#Covid19 #Vaccination - Weyan in Kashmir becomes #Indias1stvillage to innoculate all adults
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Soldier1 1 month ago

I care about this because...

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Lawi 1 month ago

COVID = Certificate Of Vaccination ID - It's not a Virus, it's a World Agenda.
TOP 10 - Covid - Questions
1) Where's the constant stream of ambulance sirens; who's moving bodies, day and night?
2) Why is it business as usual for mortuaries and undertakers?
3) Where's all the cars, filling up the roads and cemeteries, burying their loved ones?
4) Why do 50 years of Death Statistics, by population, show NORMAL?
5) Why has the Yearly, Average, of Influenza Deaths disappeared?
6) If the first Lock-Down worked, why are you Locked-Down again?
7) If the Locked-Downs did not work why you doing it again?
8) Why aren't Hospitals over-flowing with Covid Patients?
9) Why aren't people dying in the streets?
10) If Masks worked, why don't you where them during the FLU SEASON?

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