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COSMIC DISASTER - Classified by the CIA

Published on 27 Sep 2020 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

[Suspicous0bservers] is who uploaded this. I just archived it because there is a good amount of it which is provable today unfortunately. This was a classified informational Documentary from CIA databanks. Please take it with whatever amounts of salt you need.

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SerIntegral 5 months ago

Zion system hides many trues.

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Alli Done
Alli Done 5 months ago

Maybe its off topic, and idk if you are a Christian or not, but wouldnt tropical , and coral in the arctic be more proof of the Flood? Just curious what others might think . No offense intended

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Terry 5 months ago

Never worry about intended offense on my channel. I take no offense to anything. I see the word of Jesus as Truth. Buddha also spoke Truth. I call myself Christian but the label feels wrong. I seek truth so I am whatever that is i guess. In regards to the flood I believe the corals and the mudfossil idea back it up yeh. I am also in the mindset that those great flat topped rocks in America are the petrified trunks of ancient megafauna.

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UnreconstructedRebel 5 months ago

The Celts also believed in a flood. In their mythology that was why they moved to Britain and Ireland.

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