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Chuck E Cheese - A Trans he/she/Abomination got its ass kicked!

Published on 25 Feb 2021 / In Uncategorized

A group of North Carolina mothers jumped a transgender woman inside a popular Chick E Cheese restaurant. And now, MTO News learned that some on Twitter are claiming that the moms may have committed a hate crime by attacking the trans-person.

The incident allegedly popped off at Chuck E- Cheese, and it all started when a person called the transgender woman derogatory homophobic words. According to an alleged witness, the transgender stood up for herself and that's when the moms surrounded her.

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NewHampshireBound 2 months ago


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AmericanSuperVillain 2 months ago

BUT! Diversity is good. Well it looks like sheboons do not like pretend sheboons, so much for diversity. Then again blacks never did like diversity.

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AmericanCock 2 months ago

I love the coons it's always entertaining to watch them fuck around

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TheEvilWhite 2 months ago

Where there are niggers, there's trouble.

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RobbyP 2 months ago

Disgusting creatures...all of them

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