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Christianity is Only from Stolen Paganism - a video by Commander Cobra 666

Published on 10 Apr 2021 / In Satanism / Occult

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HereAmI 25 days ago

There is no evidence for a "Triune God" in Christianity, as our satanic uploader asserts.
That being the case, then Christianity is completely separate from these other religions he mentions.
There is a Father, and a Son, and a spirit.
Note the essential difference between the first two, and the latter.
Two have the names of family members, and the third does not.
The Lord Jesus Christ stated, "My Father is greater than I", so either He forgot that there was another member of a trinity whose degree of seniority He didn't specify, or there isn't a third member of the Godhead.
Secondly, there is no "goddess figure" in Christianity, although the pagan Catholic Church has tried very hard to produce one, without any obvious success, apart from amongst Catholics; and note, historically this "church" has invariably been the one which resembled most closely the pagan religions our friend iterates, in its murderous persecution of all those who denied its dogmas.

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666BlackSun666 9 days ago (edited)

Per usual you don't actually know much about the Bible. It is known fact the "holy trinity" was added later by the Catholic church (whom you condemn) at the council of Nicaea. It is not a Biblical Concept. You realize the Catholic church is the founder of all modern interpretations of the religion?

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HereAmI 9 days ago

@666BlackSun666: Per usual you are unable to understand what I wrote. Try again?

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