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⁣Christian pastor arrested for making 'homophobic statements' after preaching from the Bible

Published on 29 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Christian pastor arrested for making 'homophobic statements' after preaching from the Bible

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LeniRiefenstahl 2 months ago

Herre you go UK Bobbies...

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Konigtiger1945 2 months ago

Commie uk!!! Needs a revolution to stop this!!! Nothing else will obviously

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Freedom 2 months ago (edited)

In the Bible, it often speaks of gov officials being scared to act for fear of the people uprising and attacking them. This is what needs to happen in situations like this.

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Spectralwulf 2 months ago

The mere feelings of sodomites and sexual degenerates clearly matter more to the state than the God-given Right to speak the tenets of one's faith and the moral standards they have long upheld. They care so much about the feelings of a tiny minority of sexually malformed, deviant screwballs that they are even willing to put preachers in jail just for offending them?? Clearly hurt feelings is not the real reason for such oppression of Christian thought. It's an authoritarian power grab by wicked communist elites that want to impose their own dogma and immoral behavior on everyone while refusing to allow any opposition to their unnatural perversions as they strive to complete their moral corruption of western society.

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bannedforhatespeech 2 months ago

I'm homophobic and I'm proud.

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NVRCAPITULATE 2 months ago

i am homophobic, transphobic, pedophobic, and phobic to all the other degenerate lifestyles that are contrary to the laws of Yahweh, the Almighty. I am also racist and 100% proud of all those facts! We may be considered a' minority' in today's world but but even the lone man who stands with Yahweh is the MAJORITY!

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