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Choking On The God Pill With The Logos Losers

Published on 16 Sep 2020 / In Cointel Pro Shills

These LOGOS losers are anti White marxists.

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milhouse 7 months ago

The Logos of E. Michael Jones

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Europeanflower 8 months ago

I have sympathy for our fellow white christians. They are easily fooled.

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patiencegone 8 months ago

this is your fatal flaw Sinead. This is why you're struggling, you don't have God and you're not blessed. My heart goes out for you.

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Atlasrex 9 months ago

It behooves the decent people of European lineage to remain within the limits and goals of European culture, forsaking foreign influence, intrigues and interjection. To be Knowledgeable of one's racial identity and the inherent danger that the Jew poses to the integrity of racial cohesion and European culture. The creative inventiveness of European culture is boundless and the world has never seen anything like it, from planes, trains, automobiles, medicine, engineering, fashion, art and science. The Jew has interpolated himself into the culture of Europeans only in order to destroy it, leaving him, the traveling merchant the dominant master over a dumbed down animalisic global population of mixed breed miscreants. Knowledge of the jew and the guarding against him is all important.

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Atlasrex 9 months ago

Looks like more confusion. As far as i know Aryan peoples spanned Ireland to Iran, European migration is a matter of historical record. Racial features can be scientifically measured, DNA can be traced, and race can be seen with the naked eye, behavioral traits in groups are clear. That's enough for me.

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