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Children of the Stones 1977 Episode 01 - Into The Circle.

Published on 24 Feb 2021 / In Television / Movies

Children of the Stones 1977 Episode 01 - Into The Circle

Episode 2

The series followed the adventures of astrophysicist Adam Brake and his young son Matthew after they arrive in the small village of Milbury, which is built in the midst of a megalithic stone circle.

Filmed at Avebury, Wiltshire during Summer 1976, with interior scenes filmed at HTV's Bristol studios, it was an unusually atmospheric production with sinister, discordant wailing voices heightening the tension on the incidental music. The music was composed by Sidney Sager who used the Ambrosian Singers to chant in accordance with the megalithic rituals referred to in the story.[3] Director Peter Graham Scott was surprised on seeing the script that the series was intended for children's airtime due to the complexities of the plot and disturbing nature of the series.[4] The series is frequently cited by those who remember it as one of the scariest things they saw as children.

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Jollyfree 2 months ago

I don't remember this. We had a poor ITV signal so only had the BBC! Thanks for the up

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