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CDC has approval to detain and quarantine

Victory Or Valhall
Published on 14 Jul 2021 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines

CDC can now put ppl in quarantine for even normal Flu

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Kofajgogsos 13 days ago

quarantine and euthanize all FAJ / SOS / 9 BILLION GLOBAL HORDE OF WEAPONIZED SUBHUMANITY , problem solved !

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DDoubleDD 13 days ago

This looks like it is in regard to people that are entering the country.
It isn't new.

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Sibbeloth 13 days ago

I think the jews need to be held accountable for this. I mean, we all know their plan is to have the whole world hate them, so let's just allow them to have this one thing their own zionist prophecy demands.

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WhiteNight 13 days ago

soon a fart will carry on penalties too

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