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Cats Are Cunts ep30 yet another dogs are the best people crossover episode

Published on 22 Jul 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Cats Are Cunts WTV Playlist here https://worldtruthvideos.org/w....atch/cats-are-cunts-

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Bonus Episode
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The National Socialist

I was just doing a random search and came across my cover video on a link to your video - I found it so weird - https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Occu....pation+Doomed+Czecho

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DanTheOracle 3 months ago

LOL. if you look that episode is on a heap of different cover pics on world truth vids. its even on one of my own covers for another of my videos. LOOOOL and double lol, i just searched the pics associated with the name of my vid and it finds a whole heap of diferent covers.

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The National Socialist

@DanTheOracle: Its very strange - There must be some kind of programming glitch lol

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DanTheOracle 3 months ago

@The Freedom Network : might have just looked at the trending page here because i think all vids get on there, but yea its a bit weird

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sushipal 3 months ago

An older video, but a good one:
(Attack action starts at 5:05)

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DanTheOracle 3 months ago

ahh yea i know what clip well. i can use it i think thanks

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White Woman
White Woman 3 months ago

I smacked a cat upside it's head for scratching my dog.
These cats need a boot to the ass.

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DARRYL DUNCAN 3 months ago

I raised German Shepherds for years as a boy and they would kill every cat they saw. I never had a thought about it then. As I got into my 30s I began raising AKC Akita and by then had a love for cats too. You can raise any animal beneath a puppy. I had had Pit Bull before getting Akita but my Chihuahua was boss over them. You could have chickens or anything first and the puppy will grow to either love them or protect them. So I kept about 20 cats and had 2 pairs of mated Akita, males and females. Akita's come into their prime at 5 or 6 months of age and will then fight any other male dog that has fight in them. They can whip any other dog, kill anything in the woods and they don't bark or poop in your yard. They attack intruders. Akita always has to be boss. But my Akita's always showed respect to cats.

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Samhain 3 months ago

"They Shall Not Pass" - every cunty cat.

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DanTheOracle 3 months ago


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