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Building a Highway in the USA 1948

Published on 10 Feb 2021 / In Wholesome / Feel Good
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anomaly 3 months ago

Blacks like to pretend that the built this country. They didn't build anything. The only job they could do was to pick cotton... and they probably did a terrible job at that too. Construction, engineering, using your brain: White shit.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 3 months ago

blacks were not allowed to have these jobs because they could not be trusted or trained (at that time) to use the machinery nor were they trusted with the more important jobs of surveying and planning!!!! so no they are no where to be found! plus LOOK at all that specialized Machinery WE Whites developed and fabricated. you have to know WHAT your doing to even be a part of that crew! we are amazing indeed!!!

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apekillerX 3 months ago

Exactly ! I was a heavy eqipment operator and retired 3 years ago and can tell you with absolute veracity ; that 99.9 % of all operators are "WHITE" There are only a handful of subhumans working in the heavy highway and construction industry because they don't have the intelligence to work the ground or any other constructive job ! Most subhuman apes - wetbacks - sand niggers - filthy damn asians - fake ass jews and mongolian himalayan apes are untrainable and are completely illiterate . Whites are the builder Race and subhunans and kikes are the destroyers of White Nations and Yahwehs Creation. Soon they will all be exterminated as prophesied. Obadiah 1:16-18

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Cheeseboy47 3 months ago

Hey Trump, where the hell are those niggers that you say have "built the nation?????" Where???

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Hanssen 3 months ago

Blacks as builders, you have got to be kidding me.

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Konigtiger1945 3 months ago

Niggers only build pyramids & palaces in Africa..there were millions of castles and palaces there because every nigger was a kang & you cant be a kang without one.white men stole them and made roads out of them

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