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Brazil forced jab - RIP Old Man, Now You are Free!

Published on 26 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Brazil forced jab - RIP Old Man, Now You are Free!

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BrantfordNews 3 months ago

There was a chimpanzee in Florida or somewhere that ripped a person's face off. People need to get their chimp on. This has nothing to do with skin colour only like mindedness. That old man needed protection and no one did anything. Fuck that was very sad to see. I feel so bad for the man who knew enough to resist but couldn't overcome the force that was used against him.

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apekillerX 3 months ago

Brazil is what becomes of every White Civilization that was force integrated by the fake ass jews / SOS / GOG since the Adamic Race was created. The garden of Eden incident was the first account of miscegenation via satyr aka offspring of a fallen demonic entity and one of several species :( 612 ): of primates.👳👳👳👳👳👳👳👳👳

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pater409 3 months ago

The three fucking dimwits who assaulted that elderly man should all be bludgeoned to a pulp with a crowbar--just for being stupid fucking cunts.

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Paulsmithatkins 3 months ago

Brazil is going insane with the Covid lie. Many people are fleeing.

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AntiCuck82 3 months ago

Yep ... if you ask simple questions like " hey where did the numbers of influenza , pneumonia and dengue deaths went? they disappeared as soon as the plandemic started! " Sheeple will throw a fit , calling you "Flat-earther" , "negationist of science" , etc
It's peak clown world

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RobbyP 3 months ago

That's so sad and anger inducing to me

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