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Braveheart, Weird Aryan History by Harold Covington.

R.C. Collier
Published on 11 Feb 2021 / In Uncategorized

Harold wants you to pull up your socks and get your asses Home, and a little Weird Aryan History.

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Spectralwulf 2 months ago

The movie Braveheart was a fictional story very loosely based on real events - thus the narrator was indeed a liar. Wallace was the leader of a brutal band of brigands that surely raided the lands of English and Scots alike - killing, pillaging and raping. Highland Scots that joined Wallace's band were not far removed from being iron-age barbarians who lived like primitive, thieving thugs that would often raid cattle from other clans and endlessly made war on each other. The savage behavior of the Scots even shocked the medieval English at the time, who were generally more civilized and better behaved Christians. The Braveheart movie smears King Edward (longshanks) as a "cruel pagan King" while Robert Bruce was the one who committed murder in a church. King Edward was a devout Christian warrior and Hollywood probably demonized him in the movie for expelling the Jews from England in 1290.

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Suzy3 2 months ago

Great movie

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