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⁣Bobby Fischer´s message to the 'good jews'

Published on 17 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Bobby Fischer´s message to the 'good jews'

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cracker 14 days ago

Basically in order for any Jew to be a good Jew that Jew must spend his days speaking out against evil Jews and their practices, and the good Jew must insist on the most extreme measures and punishment be taken against the evil Jews.

I would add if any Jew wanted to be a good Jew they would have no offspring of their own because the continuum of Jewishness, which is inherently evil, must cease once and for all.

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PM10423S 6 days ago (edited)

The only way a jew can ever really become a "good" jew is by accepting Christ. Bobby even mentions that in this exchange. That means they must CONVERT, and leave judaism behind.

Bobby Fischer, Benjamin Freedman, Brother Nathanael, and Mordechai Vanunu ALL did this. And they ALL became the most outspoken and powerful critics of their former tribe.

Something magical happens when they convert. They become the absolute FIERCEST and honest critics of judaism you'll ever find. And, remember, they know that tribe well, having been there, themselves. They know precisely and intimately the threat judaism poses to humanity.

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AryanPrincess 17 days ago

DANGER ! - ( IT'S A TRAP! ) Especially for people using the 'J' & 'N' words,

"Headlines With A Voice" By Nancy Morgan Hart

Please watch this video as it really makes you think?

Video :

Will Using Certain 'Words' Get You Jail Time ? - HEADS UP FOLKS . . .

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DouglasMuller 17 days ago

Thank you

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TheRealmcGoy1 18 days ago


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WhiteMiasma 18 days ago

The circumcision is so God forsaken and terrible. And look at all the Americans, laying down with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70 people before they get married, like only f666ots used to is clear sexual malcontention. Thanks jews!

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