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jbl .
jbl . 5 months ago

I don't know anything about Devon Stack -- the name I saw in the video. But Tucker Carlson is a pressure-release valve for half-awake Whites. That's his purpose. No truth about jews, of course, will ever come out of his mouth. He's just there to make emotional half-awake Whites think somebody famous is "doing something about it," so they can slouch back and such their beer and wrongly think it's gonna be alright. And that pizza thing: a total criminal jew pedo operation. And they totally get away with it because jews are in control. Our people have only been on Defense. Generation after generation. Defense, giving up ground, giving up ground. We must go on OFFENSE. Click to my channel, and see my "Counties Plan." A very doable idea, IF we have any groups of MEN left.

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rambetter 2 months ago

In the same way that one should not stop taking antibiotics until the bottle is empty, so too we mustn't stop the extermination of yids until they are all dead, lest they return with greater strength.

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NewHampshireBound 6 months ago

Blackpilled also co-hosted Fash The Nation last week, filling in for Jazzhands. Not my favorite guy to be honest. And FTN and TRS have a bizarre take on what they believe will happen with the presidency. I honestly think they're an operation, a gatekeeper organization to keep feet out of the street. Completely irrational takes, ignoring what's right in their face. Duganists imo.

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Lever_Action 6 months ago


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