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black woman chimping out on bus

gold skidmark
Published on 01 Mar 2021 / In Comedy

quote-" fucking donuts! all white people want to be black ! they put fat in their lips, fat in their bums, and lie on their sunbeds to go black.! ....... am i lying ?!!
i fucking hate white people!!!!! (ape's mobile rings) - "oh hi babe, yeah sorry i'm late.. just busy doin the chiggaboo on some tax paying passengers. yeah you know.. the ones that work their arses off to keep me on welfare. cyu soon. hugs n kisses."
honestly, most of the self-hating negroid sisters actually want to be 'white' and spend half their life trying to straighten their afros - stop it... get some help.
these lowlifes always complain how much they hate being in their host countries and how great their country of origin is.
quick reminder: you - are - free - to - leave..! you're not being held captive.!
if it is so good, then please, please, please... fuck off back to the third world shit-hole that spawned your ugly ass.
oh wait .. i forgot - there's no free handouts over there so i guess you'll be stayin put.
and lastly, who do we thank for filming this disgusting tirade ?.. guess what ?
it's a white guy. haha ! eat shit negroid
* 'the kalergi plan' for the extinction of the white race with a world wide jewish zionist government
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WhiteMiasma 6 days ago

Everything in this sick animals life has been freely given by the White man.

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Raymo1 1 month ago

Wasn't this nigger bitch a spice girl back in the 90s? At first i thought that fem-monkey was faking the British accent.

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ShortieLeeroy 1 month ago

This is what happens when the picture of Uncle Ben is taken off the box.She mad bro.

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vict 2 months ago

Kill It!

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Soldier1 2 months ago

I honestly don't care what their opinion on anything is. I've never wanted to be black. If faced with that image in the mirror daily, I'd shoot myself. Don't worry nog, you weren't going to heaven anyway despite what your jew slave masters told you. You're a hybrid, a chimera.

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